About Us

Located in Dallas, Texas, A&C Green Energy was founded in 1999 when we had the foresight that wind energy would be one of the fastest growing industries in the renewable energy sector. We started small, first supplying wind power-related components and parts to replace the failing parts of other manufacturers. The major components supplied included the blades, magnets, and magnet wires. We consciously decided that we could provide a more durable solution to wind energy.

In 2003, with increasing government awareness for renewable energy sources and the public's demand for alternative energy, we started to design, produce and integrate our own small wind systems. Manufacturing and distributing stronger, sturdier and more efficient wind turbine systems has remained our company's focus.

Today, A&C Green Energy provides our own Talon and PowerMax+ small wind generators ranging from 2,000W to 30kW, inverters and poles. We serve North American and European markets and parts of Latin America.

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