TALON30 Turnkey Solution (DFW Area):

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TALON30 is the largest downwind variable pitch system we carry. As other TALONs, the speed regulation system features a passive variable pitch control mechanism which provides a reliable and productive solution for the small wind system. Since the variable pitch mechanism allows a wider working range than the competitive designs, TALON30 can produce more energy than competitive systems which use different speed regulation methods, such as tail furling or electromagnetic brake. This also means that you will recover your investment in a shorter period of time.

  • Powerful: Direct drive PMG built with super strong neodymium magnets and improved coil design, together with 3 extended reinforced blades. Rated wind speed is 24.6 mph, which is much more efficient than the competitive systems rated at a higher wind speed and a lower rated power. Since the variable pitch technology, TALON30's work range is much wider and can work up to 56 mph. However, the most popular products will shut down at high wind when it's time to harvest the wind power.
  • Reliable Speed Regulation: Dual speed regulation mechanisms are adopted. The Variable Pitch Technology(tm) confines the rotor below 220 RPM and the electromagnetic brake kicks in when the RPM is over 290 RPM. These two techniques combined to securely keep the blade RPM within the working range to maximize the harvest of the wind power.
  • Auto Shutdown Mechanism: The system shuts down automatically when the blades rotate at about 300 RPM or the grid is down. The system can also be shut down manually.
  • Superior and Reliable Electronics:Top brand and UL certified electronics for grid-tie applications. The CE certified E-Load box is designed and tested in the toughest conditions. The UL 1741 / IEEE 1547 listed inverters are accepted by most of utility providers and co-ops for grid-tie operation.
  • High Efficient: 90% generator efficiency and 0.4 blade co-efficiency.
  • Low Noise: <= 65 db.
  • High Survival Wind Speed:The reinforced fiberglass blades can endure 2 times of nominal rpm. It can survive 111.8 mph wind speed when still.
  • Variable Pitch Technology: The only downwind variable pitch wind generator at 10KW available on the market.

1000_performance 1000_output_pwr


Here's what is included with our Talon30 system:

  • GENERATOR - Our efficient generators are built using high-performance rare earth neodymium permanent magnets, so the alternator is compact and light weight. Our generator housing is precision-cast steel and has been hot-dipped galvanized for anti-corrosion protection. It is built to withstand severe climates, sand and salt corrosion.
  • 3 FIBERGLASS REINFORCED BLADES - We started by designing light breeze-catching blades to maximize the wind generation opportunities. These blades are are designed with the latest thermoplastic engineering and injection mold technologies. Whisper quiet and vibration-free.
  • E-Load Box - Electronics which conver AC to DC and perform the speed regulation functions. CE listed.
  • Pole: 60 foot mono tower. Other tower size available.
  • INVERTER - UL1741/IEEE 1547 listed grid-tie.
Technical Specifications
Rotor Diameter
41.25 ft
Generator Weight
3894 LB (1770 KG)
Rated Power
30 KW
Peak Power
32 KW
Rated Wind Speed
23.3 mph
Startup Wind Speed
6.7 mph
Working Wind Speed
Survival Wind Speed
Rated RPM
3 Reinforced Fiberglass
Speed Regulation
Variable Pitch Technology & Electromagnetic brake
Shutdown Mechanism
Auto/Manual Mechanical Brake
Rated Output/Month
21960 KWH
Output/Month at 12.5mph
3587 KWH




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